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At that moment I knew I wanted to try to get to the most real version of me; I just didn’t know how.

Quite immediately I felt at ease speaking with Sky – we seemed to connect with little to no effort. After our initial conversations had briefed me on the frameworks at play as we worked together, rapidly I began to learn about myself and formulate more focused goals with tangible outcomes. A series of sessions ensued in which Sky helped me explore my personality, values and essentially my identity as she understood how to guide into a beneficial direction. I felt Sky did an incredible job gathering background information and learning who I am as an individual. This allowed us to work together effectively in a relatively short time frame to create a positive impact in my life in the short and long term. As an example, we focused on some habits and traits I felt held me back from achieving my goals. These negative attributes were sourced closer to their roots and daily/weekly/monthly goals were laid out in such a way I was not overwhelmed, but instead motivated and excited to tackle them. One of the greatest questions I’ve now kept with me nearly every day since our sessions is “What can I do TODAY, to move forward with this goal?”  Sky helped me find a healthy sense of urgency with a plan to accomplish my objectives without the usual anxiety and self-defeatism I previously held on to. Now, I seek further consultations with Sky to continue this work because I have found it well worth the investment that will ultimately pay itself off many times over through my future successes. I would recommend her services to any individual looking to evolve themselves to the next level in their business, education or personal lives. 
-Chris D.


“allowed me to overcome past stumbling blocks and feel more at home in my body”

Sky’s passionate, intuitive understanding of our primal nature, paired with her patient, knowledgeable confidence as a coach helped me shift my worldview to make big gains in my business and personal life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her, as she opened my eyes to my key drivers. This allowed me to overcome past stumbling blocks, feel more at home in my body, and allow myself to feel and move through my feelings knowing that they are here to serve me. 
-Liz H.


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“She really knows what she is talking about”

Sky Regard’s coaching sessions are well organized and spontaneous at the same time.  She is chock-full of useful information.  I can tell she really knows what she’s talking about.  Sky showed me the necessity of focusing on what I want and how to create a plan to attract new clients.  She helped me articulate innovative ways I can help my clients now.  Our sessions were valuable and inspiring to me.  I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to uplevel their business or their life.
-Regina B.