“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.”

Marianne Williamson

I bring a set of diverse modalities to give you freedom in your body and in your relationships:

Outwit your Programming

Your brain and generational programming are designed to keep you safe from anything new. Using methodologies like Somatic Experiencing and Hypnotherapy, we by-pass your brain's default wiring to give you true freedom.

Communicate Effectively

Learn to listen to your body's subtle cues and guidance to intuitively make decisions in alignment with what you need and desire. Communicate these honorably and powerfully in your relationships to feel more connected.


Be Supported

Creating sustainable change and abundance takes continued reflection, guidance and someone who has been there to ask the right questions. We walk together and I am committed to being there, especially when it gets challenging.

How we can work together:

Your journey to realizing the prosperity you desire is unique, so is our work. Together, we focus on getting your relationships and resources in order and growing them into a life you love. 

To be truly successful, it takes a special combination of letting go, knowledge, practices and guidance from someone who has been there. With a keen intuition combined with years of training with the world’s top business coaches and leaders in strategy and wealth mindset to being a practitioner of healing modalities that have the power to circumvent our brain’s clever ways of keeping us safe and stuck – you will begin to free yourself from your current reality and move toward a life and income you truly desire.

First, we create your authentic path to freedom…

Our work together is not designed to fit you into a box or formula – we know one-size-fits-all does not work! We will explore your desires, biggest pain points and devise something that feels congruent!


Somatic Experiencing

We all carry experiences, judgements and unresolved trauma of varying degrees in our bodies – this can drown out our natural ability to receive our own inner guidance and feel at peace in stressful situations. The ripple effect is that this then sends our nerveous system on hyperdrive and floods our body with chemicals that cause us to react instead of responding consciously. This is not a context where you can experience abundance and prosperity.  

Somatic Experiencing allows you to feel more stable, present in your body and therefore more in each conversation and situation. You can begin to hear and trust your intuition so that each decision you make is for your highest good, as well as benefiting those around you.

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Our bodies store universal intelligence that can guide us to where we want to be, to attract the abundance we desire and shift the way we experience the world.” 

Prosperity Coaching 

Ever wonder why you keep doing that thing that is stopping you from either the success you want or having a dream relationship? We bring it all into the fold in a coaching session! From uncovering your financial blind spots and archetypal work that explain your patterns -to strategies and tactics for building wealth I have you covered.

Some of the results my clients experience are:

  • A deeper clarity and alignment of their truth and actions
  • Discovering the real underlying patterns in their relationships and how to transform them
  • Gain insight into their Energy Type and understand the types of others
  • Create a clear direction and framework for their life, relationships and passions
  • Freedom from debt


    Case Study:

    I see all individuals as whole and complete, and when we work together, I walk beside you in your journey. I believe you are capable of living an overall balanced life of great health, fulfilling relationships, and prosperity despite your past unfavorable circumstances. Our work will provide the opportunity for you to experience new insights and breakthroughs through heightened awareness so that you can have the freedom to make choices that move you closer to true prosperity.

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