May you be connected with your inner-knowing and intuition, and be at peace with it.

I bring a set of diverse modalities to give you freedom in your body and in your relationships:

Outwit your Programming

Your brain and generational programming are designed to keep you safe from anything new. Using methodologies like Somatic Experiencing and Hypnotherapy, we by-pass your brain's default wiring to give you true freedom.

Communicate Effectively

Learn to listen to your body's subtle cues and guidance to intuitively make decisions in alignment with what you need and desire. Communicate these honorably and powerfully in your relationships to feel more connected.


Be Supported

Creating sustainable change and abundance takes continued reflection, guidance and someone who has been there to ask the right questions. We walk together and I am committed to being there, especially when it gets challenging.

Have you ever felt stuck and wondered how you got there?

I was raised inside of a particular religion – used to being told what to do and always put tradition ahead of my needs, instead of thinking for myself, no less, following my heart.

I had limiting beliefs around money and was in a marriage that felt more like it was arranged – and the religion dictated my role was a stay at home mom. I put a lot of energy into trying to be a great mother and partner, but something always seemed distantly off to me. My first big clue that exposed just how disconnected I was from the ‘real’ me was when my 8-yr-old daughter said: “mom, it seems like you are faking it.” I knew she was right. And I knew that I didn’t want to be – for myself or my children.

My 8-yr-old daughter said: “mom, it seems like you are faking it.”.

At that moment I knew I wanted to try to get to the most real version of me; I just didn’t know how.

Over the years, what I call “The Universe” has guided me to resign from this religion I no longer aligned with and ended my marriage so that I could begin to shift to a healthier paradigm; enrolling my children in great schools after years of homeschooling so that I could focus on providing and rebuilding me. I embarked on a journey to get truly present in my body. When this happened, I began to feel and process years of repressed emotion including a near-death experience. Little did I know that those years of unaddressed emotions had literally starved my body of oxygen—to rebuild would mean a lethargy of exercises and work with counselors, chiropractors and Bioenergetic professionals as well as Restorative breathing, hypnotherapy, Somatic Experiencing support, AFP and more.    

I saw the connection of how compounding experiences and beliefs can manifest in our bodies and how that diminishes our ability to attract prosperity.

I began learning a better framework for generating fulfilling relationships, self-care–physically, mentally, and emotionally.    

It was like waking up and seeing the world more clearly, my life was suddenly more expansive, present and delicious to me! I am so grateful and am committed to my clients seeing what is truly possible for themselves. I am constantly expanding my capacity to serve them through new modalities and information. When I am not working, you can find me gardening or moving my body on a hiking trail, in ballet slippers or on a yoga mat – and my favorite, snuggling with my kids and helping them feel cherished and loved for being exactly who they are.

My purpose, in a word, would be freedom.

Freedom to make choices based on our desires…

Not limitations. Freedom to move in your body without restriction – and to feel safe in your self-expression and relationships. In my experience, by shedding light in the dark corners of our bodies and inner world, we can stop repeating old patterns, shatter limiting beliefs and begin to heal and thrive.

My vision is that we as a collective can be part of a solution to the struggles of our planet as well as ultimately creating more peace.  This all starts with us, our relationships with ourselves, in our businesses and in our relationships. .

“Having everything is just an expression of complete inner freedom:”

Deepak Chopra

My philosophy

I see all individuals as whole and complete, and when we work together, I walk beside you in your journey. I believe you are capable of living an overall balanced life of great health, fulfilling relationships, and prosperity despite your past unfavorable circumstances. Our work will provide the opportunity for you to experience new insights and breakthroughs through heightened awareness so that you can have the freedom to make choices that move you closer to true prosperity.

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