May you be connected with your inner-knowing and intuition, and be at peace with it.

I bring a set of diverse modalities to give you freedom in your body and in your relationships:

Outwit your Programming

Your brain and generational programming are designed to keep you safe from anything new. Using methodologies like Somatic Experiencing and Hypnotherapy, we by-pass your brain's default wiring to give you true freedom.

Communicate Effectively

Learn to listen to your body's subtle cues and guidance to intuitively make decisions in alignment with what you need and desire. Communicate these honorably and powerfully in your relationships to feel more connected.


Be Supported

Creating sustainable change and abundance takes continued reflection, guidance and someone who has been there to ask the right questions. We walk together and I am committed to being there, especially when it gets challenging.

Have you ever felt stuck and wondered how you got there?

It’s time to consciously create the life you desire. 

“If it is to be,

it is up to me.” 

-William Johnsen

 My own personal development work to improve my life has been life changing; it was like waking up incrementally and seeing the world more clearly, my life steadily became more expansive, present and delicious to me! It is enjoyable to be part of the journey of clients, helping them to identify their gifts and talents, take good care of themselves and achieve goals.


My purpose, in a word, would be freedom.


Freedom to make choices based on our desires…

Not limitations. Freedom to move in your body without restriction – and to feel safe in your self-expression and relationships. In my experience, by shedding light in the dark corners of our bodies and inner world, we can stop repeating old patterns, shatter limiting beliefs and begin to heal and thrive.

My vision is that we as a collective can be part of a solution to the struggles of our planet as well as ultimately creating more peace.  This all starts with us, our relationships with ourselves, in our businesses and in our relationships. .

My philosophy

When we work together, I walk beside you in your journey.

I believe you are capable of change

and living an overall balanced, amazing life regardless of your past circumstances.