Somatic Experiencing & Holistic Coaching to help you create joyful, meaningful relationships and an abundant future.

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Struggling with a relationship and looking for answers?  

It doesn’t matter if it is with someone you love, money or your career, all of your relationships are directly linked to your connection with yourself. 

If fulfilling relationships were easy you would have the what you desire now.  Chances are, you have taken measures in the past to do this, and probably had some results, but they have been difficult to sustain. We KNOW what we should do – but yet for some reason we don’t, and continually repeat the same story over and over again without ever achieving what you truly desire.

Create Fulfilling Relationships & Unlock Your True Potential!

Outwit your Programming

Your brain and generational programming are designed to keep you safe from anything new. Using methodologies like Somatic Experiencing and Hypnotherapy, we by-pass your brain’s default wiring to give you true freedom.

Communicate Effectively

Learn to listen to your body’s subtle cues and guidance to intuitively make decisions in alignment with what you need and desire. Communicate these honorably and powerfully in your relationships to feel more connected.

Be Supported

Creating sustainable change takes continued reflection, guidance and someone who has been there to ask the right questions. We walk together and I am committed to being there, especially when it gets challenging.

Fulfilling relationships encompass more than interpersonal ones – it is our relationship with our bodies, money, self-government, and our relationship with the past.

It is time to expand your capacity for connection?

Hi, my name is Sky. I work with committed, open-minded individuals who are seeking authentic, meaningful change and growth in their way of being and communication. My clients also desire to be connected with their inner guidance to build their lives and businesses in profitable, fulfilling ways.

Are you a someone who is:

  • Trapped, drained or disempowered in a relationship?
  • Having trouble expressing what you need?
  • Stuck financially in your business or personal finances?
  • Not realizing your true potential or calling in the world?
  • Struggling with a persistent health issue or issues?
  • Dealing with a past trauma that hasn’t healed?
  • Often reacting instead of responding to events or people?

If you said "Yes" to any of these, you cannot truly fulfill your desires, they are intrinsically related to your abundance.

Are you ready to have it all? I can help you get there…


Let’s be great humans!  Taking measures to create a fulfilling life–one that you can be pleased with daily and also look back on with joy for what you have accomplished for yourself and planet Earth may be one of the most rewarding things you could do.

My mission is to help and support individuals in finding more clarity, well-being, and prosperity in their business and personal life.  I believe this creates the possibility for us as humans to live more cooperatively, compassionately, and intelligently and ultimately lead healthier lives and contribute to a healthier planet.

Your ability to attract and sustain wealth is directly proportional to your health and relationships.

Like nature – you were born to flourish and succeed. Nature always finds a way to weave around barriers in order to grow. As humans, our natural abundance is impeded by our accumulation of LIFE – in our minds, our bodies and behaviors. To be successful in your relationships and financially, it requires working through and around these accumulated barriers with a unique combination of modalities to move forward from our brain’s hard-wiring that is designed to protect us, keep us safe and stay in a world of what we know.

Schedule your complimentary 20 minute session: